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About the Vodka

Van Drastic Vodka is what I think vodka should be. It is made in small batches using the finest grains in the Midwest. It is distilled 3 times and then filtered 10 times for a smooth taste that beats top shelf vodka brands in blind taste tests.

Each bottle is wrapped with a unique piece of artwork, which changes each year. As the bottle changes, the superior taste of Van Drastic Vodka will always stay the same.

About the Man Behind Van Drastic

Hello, I’m Grant Van Driest. I’m a painter, musician and maker of one of the smoothest vodkas you will ever enjoy.

Years of experimenting with the right ingredients, distillation and filtering finally led me to a vodka that was smooth and pure enough for me to share with more than my friends.



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About The Bottles

Each year, the packaging on the bottles is replaced to showcase a new piece of art. Look for the new 2019 bottle in stores now!

best vodka brand


“Blue Room”

wisconsin vodka brand


“Birth of a Planet”

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“No Regrets”